Adding structured data to web pages

Having been live and mobile friendly for a while I was disappointed that my wife’s fabric artist web site was not doing better in web search results.

I suspected this was due to the fact that pages for her individual art projects tended to be primarily visual and with fairly minimal descriptive text by most web page standards. So I set out to add structured data to her project pages, and to do so in a way that would not require the artist to become a web developer or especially knowledgeable about search engine optimization.

And so, inspired by this blog post, and again leveraging Hugo’s amazing templating capabilities, I created a seo-visual-art-schema.html Hugo partial that would generate the properties of a VisualArtWork schema from the various pieces of web page information that Hugo exposed: title, content words stripped of HTML and massaged slightly to reduce redundancy, price (for those still available), and a link to the page’s largest featured image.

The result can be seen using Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool